SafeNet Identity & Data Protection

Key Encryptograph -- Digital security that combines transportability with ease-of-use.


SafeNet provide a range of Identity and Data Protection solutions that are trusted by the largest and most respected brands around the world. They protect data, identities, and intellectual property. It's digital security, ensures the authenticity of banking transactions; safeguards health records; protects the purchase of goods and helps Organizations to generally control risk, manage cyber security and maintain it's compliance obligations.

SafeNet Solutions are divided into 3 categories:

 ♦ Multi-Factor Authentication:
              to secure access to data and applications, whether in the Cloud or on Premise.

 ♦ Encryption & Crypto Management:
              to protect data at rest or in motion and the cryptographic keys used to encrypt that data.

 ♦ Cloud Data Security:
              multi-factor authentication that secures access to data, identities, transactions and applications, whether in the Cloud or on Premise.

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Armana supply and support the Hardware Security Module (HSM) taken from the SafeNet technology portfolio that include the HSM family for USBs, the Network, ePCI and Java.

The SafeNet USB Hardware Security Module (HSM), which was formerly known as Luna G5, is a device widely used throughout the world becoming the hardware cryptographic platform and foundation-of-trust for data, applications and digital identities. It is an excellent security component that contributes towards the reduction of Risk and assures Regulatory Compliance.

Overview:    The SafeNet USB Hardware Security Module delivers industry leading Key Management within a portable appliance. All Key materials are maintained exclusively inside the confines of the hardware. The small form-factor and offline key storage capability sets the product apart, making it especially attractive to customers who need to physically remove, transport and store the small appliance holding PKI root keys.

Cryptographic Capabilities:    The SafeNet USB HSM supports a broad range of asymmetric Key Encryption and Key Exchange capabilities. Further, it includes support for all standard symmetric encryption algorithms plus support for all standard hashing algorithms and message authentication codes (MAC). The USB HSM includes a hardware implemented random number generator (AES - DRBG) compliant with NIST SP 800-90.

The previous generation HSM models support for factory generated digital IDs was based on RSA Key pairs, it has been enhanced now to provide support for ECC Key pairs for use in Suite B applications that require a permanent, factory generated digital ID.

To read more about the HSM's Tamper Recovery, Secure Transport Mode, Common Architecture, and Technical Specifications ...........   click the ICON to download Armana's HSM USB Product Brief PDF.

      CLICK Image to download the Safenet Product Brief.


The feature and benefits for the SafeNet USB HSM are:-

Most Secure    Keys in hardware, Remote Management, Secure transport mode for high-assurance delivery, Multi-level access control, Multi-part splits for all access control keys, Intrusion-resistant, tamper-evident hardware, Secure Audit Logging, Strongest cryptographic algorithms, Suite B algorithm support, Secure decommission.

Sample Applications   PKI Key generation & Key storage (online CA keys & offline CA keys), Certificate validation & signing, Document signing, Transaction processing, Database encryption and Smart card issuance.