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NetWrix Auditor is an IT Technology Visibility and Governance software platform designed to protect your Data regardless of its location.


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It observes IT infrastructures (complex, in Cloud or otherwise) monitoring and reporting on who does WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. (Conceputally illustrated above). The Security Analytics captured provides Administrators with the ability to examine those Infrastructure(s) and take control over Alterations, Configurations and the Rights of Use characteristics. Furthermore, those Analytics enable the detection of user behaviour anomalies and the inspection plus characterisation of threat patterns: often before data breaches occur. Remember these safeguards are available whether your IT infrastructure is wholly in house, within an ICloud or a hybrid of the two; with low system overhead.

(Beat out Data Breaches!)

NetWrix Auditor (mature at version 8) images platforms to:

  (a)   Detect Suspicious User Activity.

  (b)   Locate unauthorised system Privileges and Permissions.

  (c)   Discover suspicious user activity within IT Infrastructures.

  (d)   Adopt a proactive approach toward troubles found with security strategy.

Netwrix Auditor will provide the evidence necessary to prove that your IT security program adheres to PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001 and other standards: ensuring easy access to Compliance Reports for 10 years or more.

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The Netwrix Auditor software enables the auditing of the broadest variety of IT systems and includes applications for:

Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Windows File Servers, EMC Storage Devices, NetApp Filer Appliances, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and Windows Server.


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Empowered with the RESTful API and user activity video recording, the platform delivers visibility and control across all of your on-premises or cloud-based IT systems in a unified way.


  ☑   Provides clear, actionable information about every change and data access attempt, without the noise associated with native auditing tools.

  ☑   Is a truly integrated solution, in contrast to standalone change auditing tools that are hard to integrate.

  ☑   Operates in agentless mode so it never degrades performance or causes downtime.

  ☑   In one product set it supports the broadest variety of audited systems in a single platform.

  ☑   Includes first-class, U.S. - based customer support with a satisfaction rate of 97%.

  ☑   Easy to install and configure, with no professional services required.


Detects Data Security Threats

Bridges the vulnerability gap by delivering security analytics concerning system critical changes, state of configurations and data access within your IT environments: makes the investigation of suspicious user behaviour easier and effective. Furthermore, provides Alerts concerning perils that violate the corporate security policy: will indicate that an insider threat is present.

  ☑   Detects insider threats by auditing changes to user data, system configurations, permissions, group memberships and file access attempts.

  ☑   Investigate security incidents and prevent breaches through analysis of changes to security settings, secured content and access to critical resources of the organization.

  ☑   Overcome limitations of native auditing overcoming its limitations by filling gaps and reducing signal-to-noise ratio in audit data with the AuditAssurance technology.

Pass Compliance Audits with Less Effort and Expense.

Netwrix Auditor provides the material evidence required to prove that your organization's IT security program adheres to PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001 and other standards. It also ensures easy access to compliance reports for more than 10 years.

  ☑   Implement and validate internal controls for variety of regulatory compliance standards from one platform centre.

  ☑   Get easy access to reports required for passing PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001 and other regulatory audits.

  ☑   Keeps a complete audit trail archived for more than 10 years for later review and periodic checks by Auditors.

Increase the Productivity of Security and Operations Teams.

Remove's the need to crawl through weeks of log data to answer questions about who changed what, when and where a change was made, or who has access to what. The platform delivers actionable audit data for anyone in your organization who needs it.

  ☑   Automate Reporting tasks and takes away the time-consuming manual effort associated with generating and delivering reports on what's happening in your environment and who has permissions to what.

  ☑   Minimize system downtimes and service outages through the ease of troubleshooting of issues caused by human error or erroneous changes to system configurations.

  ☑   Unify auditing across the entire IT infrastructure keeping your audit trail archived for more than 10 years for later review and compliance checks by the Auditors.

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☑     Challenge .... It's time consuming to produce Audit and Compliance Reports!
IT Administrators can generate and deliver accurate Audit and Compliance reports faster. Netwrix Auditor stops you spending time on compiling, manual scripting and consolidation of audit data whenever a Report is called for. Reports include who's attempted or is making changes to IT systems and who has the permissions to do what.

☑    Challenge .... I need to investigate suspected suspicious activity before an actual data breach occurs!
IT Security Administrators can investigate suspicious user activity using Netwrix Auditor. With security audit enabled you are kept notified of critical changes within the IT environment. You see actions that violate your security policy and investigate why they occurred: preventing serious breaches and ensuring similar incidents are not repeated.

☑     Challenge .... It's necessary to have much better control over the IT infrastructure so the stresses of the next Compliance Audit are taken away!
IT Administrators, be they Network, Systems or Security Managers, can see how often changes are made; which users are making those changes; which systems are affected; who has access to what and more with Netwrix Auditor. They get alerted and gain control over who can do what. Furthermore, they now address Compliance Auditors' questions faster demonstrating a strong knowledge and control over the infrastructure. Less staff resources are employed as well.

☑     Challenge .... Our IT Director, CIO/CISO demands that security risks are minimized along with the costs associated with remaining compliant!
Network Auditor protects the infrastructure from Attackers that manage to bypass the perimeter security (firewalls, anti-viruses, etc.) or apply social engineering attacks. The governance Netwrix Auditor applies avoids fines associated with non-compliance to regulatory standards.

☑     Challenge .... MSP, enable visibility of managed environments and monetize on offering 'Compliance as a Service'! Whether you are planning on adding new services to increase customer revenue or adding differentiated services that show more value to your customer, Netwrix has a business model to support your revenue goals. Built for IT environment of all sizes, Netwrix Auditor architecture supports the growth of your organization.


Kathryn J. Roxby, Sr. IT Administrator, L-3 Electron Technologies Division ...

"Netwrix Auditor provides me with accurate visibility regarding what changed when. I really like the low system overhead of the Netwrix product and how easy it was to get it up and running."

Nigel Lim, IT Manager, ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd. ...

"We quickly recognized all Netwrix Auditor benefits. Regular change auditing and reporting helps us meet internal policy requirements, in particular guard against security incidents and are the best for quick submission at the request of the Head Office. That is why our choice was obvious."

David Auth AVP, IT Support Administrator Heritage Bank ...

"The balance between Netwrix Auditor functionality and its cost is incredible; it helps to save me a lot of time. When the auditors come and ask me for report, for example, on users and groups or who has domain administrator access, I can easily deliver it right in front of their eyes."

Leonard Fezollari, IT Director, VIGAlbania ...

"Netwrix Auditor is like a Doberman - a loyal dog that guards and monitors my IT system. I have been testing Netwrix Auditor for almost a year, and the decision was that Netwrix is the best IT auditing software. After the implementation of Netwrix Auditor I can sleep like a baby as I have everything under control. During every internal or external IT audit it's enough to present the Netwrix reports - and more than half of my job is DONE!"