Cyber Essentials


Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus is a cyber security framework developed and sponsored by UK Government and Industry. The process to achieve Certification provides an excellent protective foundation and Certification delivers a clear statement that an Organisation has implemented the basic controls to militate against common internet based Threats.

The Methodology uses an assurance framework, defined by the Government's '10 Steps to Cyber Security', which embrace those basic measures that positively diminish any Organisation's Cyber Vulnerability Profile. Furthermore, Certification establishes a security foundation, which uses the necessary protective measures that all Organisations need and can then build upon to counteract more advanced, sophisticated and targeted forms of Cyber Attacks that are present, daily. A Cyber Essentials structure achieves a defined, purposeful set of Controls that delivers a cost effective Security Strategy for establishments of all sizes.

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The Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification options offer a choice of Assurance Level that Organisations may attain within a budget investment cost.
Once achieved Cyber Essentials actively demonstrates that Certified Organisation have in place that fundamental security mechanism which clearly displays, to Customers, Investors, Insurers etc.alike, that crucial security precautions have been adopted.

Organisations, however, are urged to recognise that this Certification provides a snapshot of their adopted Practices at the time the Assessment was made. So a vigorous, ongoing Cyber Security stance needs to accompany it and sets of additional measures; like Risk Management Policies, Procedures to constantly review and update of the Cyber Essentials control themes, Timely Patching Procedures etc. are also included.

Armana has the Cyber Skills and Professionalism to take you to Cyber Essential Certification and beyond: plus delivering advice, effort and guidance on those additional protection measures advocated above. Armana is an IASME-accredited Cyber Essentials Plus certification body.

Armana's Security Professionals also advocate that secure solutions are always a mixture of Policies, Procedures, Processes and Knowledge as well as Technology. They bring that recognition plus years of experience and expertise to the Cyber Protection solutions they deliver: based around vetted product portfolios and consultancy delivery that include the standards of Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, SOX, DPA and PCI DSS.

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Armana has this 5 step approach to make it effortless for you to achieve Cyber Essentials certification. Those steps are:

  1.  An exploritory appointment is made with one of our consultants.
  2.  A detailed Cyber Essentials assessment is completed. (Armana highlighting the gaps you need to address to be compliant with the standard).
  3.  Armana guides you on the best ways to address the Gaps found, and help with the introduction of any new security practices your business needs.
  4.  The Cyber Essentials assessment is completed and submitted to IASME on your behalf.
  5.  IASME evaluates the completed assessment and grants the Cyber Essentials certificate.

Note: Completing the Cyber Essentials certification through Armana also means you will eligible for free Cyber Insurance cover for up to £25,000 from the insurance group AIG.

Prices for our Cyber Essentials support service start from £295.00 and includes the IASME assessment fee.

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Once Cyber Essentials certification has been achieved, you may choose to upgrade to Cyber Essentials Plus. Armana can also make this as effortless as possible and achieved as by the following steps:

  1.  A security vulnerability test on your key systems is performed, as per the CESG Cyber Essentials Plus common test specification.
  2.  A report that details our findings is provided. It includes any security weaknesses that need to be addressed plus recommendations.
  3.  Armana works with you to address the identified issues and once that work is complete Armana can then issue your Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate.

Prices for our Cyber Essentials Plus support service start from £1,995.00 but costs can vary according to the level of internet connectivity and the number of systems involved.

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For SME Businesses with up to 250 members of staff, 1 main site and less that 16 externally facing IP Addresses that are looking to obtain Cyber Essentials Plus certification our all inclusive Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus package is offered for only £2,500. This offer combines all of the services and benefits above to effortlessly take you all the way from zero to certified. Call us now to make a start.


There are numerous standards associated with governance and risk management of cyber security but the Government have found that many common cyber attacks were succeeding due to simple technical controls not being in place or managed properly. This even occurred in companies with governance standards in place.

For that reason, the Government is keen that all Companies, including those who already have standards such as ISO27001, gain Cyber Essentials Certification. Indeed, they made certification mandatory for government contracts which deal with sensitive or personal data on 1st October 2014. From time to time, the government also provide grants to smaller businesses to improve their cyber security posture.


 -  Eligible for free Cyber Insurance cover for up to £25,000 in the event of a breach.
 -  Demonstrates to Customers that your business takes cyber security seriously.
 -  Provides a clear, defined framework of basic security controls an Organisation needs in place to confidently use the internet for its business.
 -  Provides a third-party assurance that your cyber security controls are operating effectively.
 -  Provides an excellent foundation from which a more comprehensive Information Assurance Management System as defined in the IASME or ISO27001:2013 standards can be built.
 -  Enables Businesses to meet the UK Government's requirement that all Suppliers bidding for certain sensitive and personal information-handling contracts to be Cyber Essentials certified.


 -  Identify functions critical to the business.
 -  Determine the impact to the business should these functions cease.
 -  Put measures in place to ensure critical business functions can continue to operate during an event.
 -  Put plans in place to ensure the business can return to normal after the event.
 -  Support the exercising of your business continuity plans.
 -  Review your existing business continuity plans.
 -  Achieve BS25999 certification.