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A visit to this webpage indicates that Data Archiving is needed to gain control over all Data, including that which is unknown no matter where its located within your Enterprise.


With CAS Data Archiving, an ideal tool for information governance and the formulation of risk management strategies, is implemented.

CAS software is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade and scalable archiving technology that will remove data disorder that exists where disparate data repositories are found, across numerous IT business systems. Furthermore, it becomes an integral part of the data handling process and puts Administrators back in control of all that data spread across their IT Infrastructures: including that in the "Cloud".

In summary the CAS software comprise several modules for electronic data discovery; compliance; dark data analysis; and audio-video file handling. It is provided with plug-ins that interconnect with many core enterprise technologies and business systems. It operates so that the need for separate, manual search queries, across multiple and diverse data repositories and structures, is eliminated.

N.B.  CAS benefits from the implementation of HP's Intelligent Data Operating Layer™ (IDOL) search technology: a market-leading enterprise information processing platform that employs Meaning Based Computing Technology to form a conceptual and contextual understanding of over 400 file formats.

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CAS comprise modules that deliver particular business functions; each of which is summarised in the following paragraphs.

CAS DISCOVERY   (Function performed - LEGAL DISCOVERY)

Capax Archive Solution (CAS) delivers industry-leading information governance with comprehensive and easy-to-use e-discovery features. With updated capabilities that meet today’s litigation and regulatory obligations, data from across your organization can be quickly searched, preserved, reviewed, and exported.

Core Capabilities

Designed for performance, easy-to-use CAS enables legal professionals to search, identify, and export content in mere minutes. Search in real time without waiting or queuing for results. Respond to discovery requests confidently and efficiently with built-in early case assessment and enterprise-wide searches. CAS self-service design eliminates the need for the IT department to get involved.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were amended in late 2015, modifying key “rules of the road” for conducting electronic discovery. CAS fully supports these new FRCP obligations, equipping legal teams with advanced tools to control discovery costs and risks.

CAS offers advanced case management that enables legal teams to easily track and associate their discovery activities to specific matters. CAS also allows you to apply and enforce legal holds to secure and preserve data efficiently. Suspend deletion of content for e-discovery via targeted keywords or metadata, or simply lock down the content for an entire custodian or department.

With this enhanced discovery capability responding to investigations and lawsuits has never been easier!

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CAS delivers advanced compliance and supervision capabilities for regulated firms, registered investment advisors, and organizations facing challenging regulatory obligations. CAS includes automated policy enforcement, enabling regulated organizations to enforce supervision and related recordkeeping / data preservation requirements while monitoring users' adherence to a wide range of national and international regulatory agencies. With CAS, you have access to powerful features, including concept searching, automatic categorization, case management, and real-time and post-process monitoring.

Core Capabilities

CAS supports streamlined compliance review with customized email supervision policies and audit trails for regulatory agencies, including FINRA, SEC, FTC, U.S. Dept. Health/Human Services, CFTC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Govt. Printing Office, FFIEC, CFPB, FDA, NASD, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FERC, IIROC (Canada), FCA (UK), PRA (UK), ICO (UK), EU, HKMA, SFC (Hong Kong), and others.

CAS complies with FINRA Rule 4511 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 mandating the preservation and retention of all business-related electronic correspondence. CAS's compliance capabilities includes write verification, non-rewriteable/non-erasable recordkeeping, serialized tracking, and mirrored duplicate copy storage.

CAS complies with FINRA Rule 3110 and FINRA Rule 3120, featuring capabilities for reviewing correspondence, audit trails, records of supervisory reviews, and monitoring of supervisory activities to ensure compliance.

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DARK DATA LIGHT™   (Function performed, effective DARK DATA HANDLING)

CAS Data Light illuminates your Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial data (ROT), providing a consistent, defensible manner in which to apply purge or retain decisions, move data to more secure locations, and apply policies to manage your structured and unstructured data through to its end of life. CAS Data Light provides trainable clustering technology to speed the identification of similar documents for applying policy en masse for dark data cleanup.

Core Capabilities

Data Light's machine-learning engine shows your data in a visual and intuitive manner, with similar documents clustered together for bulk decision-making. Have model documents or content summaries for which you’d like to train a policy? Data Light will find similar documents. Don’t know what you’re looking for? Data Light doesn't require training documents in order to group your information. Lots of duplicates scattered across multiple silos? Data Light groups duplicates. Using a number of configurable parameters, users can quickly identify master copies and whether to remove or replace extra copies with a link.

Enables defensible disposition of large quantities of data using automated, rule-based categorization and tagging. Consistent policy application with detailed reporting provides additional defensibility and confidence in your deletion and purging activities.

Data Light uncovers your data at either the metadata, content level, or both, across hundreds of file types, quickly and with minimal system impact. User information is incorporated from Active Directory, when available, giving context as to the original owner of the content. Once a policy is applied, data can be purged or held in place, or be moved/copied to a more secure location with proper retention controls, such as our CAS archive, or to any location of your choosing, such as cheaper cloud-based storage. It's up to you where your data goes, and how long it's retained.

Reduce Redundant Obsolete Trivial (ROT) Data.

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Capax Archive Solutions (CAS) provides end-to-end data lifecycle management, giving you granular control over the entire lifespan of data governed by CAS.

Core Capabilities

The formula-based CAS Policy Editor provides superior control over data's lifecycle. Use a wizard-driven policy editor option for ease-of-use or create highly advanced policies using a scripting option built directly into the CAS Policy Editor. Policies can be as simple as "Archive all," or as complex as needed—eg, "Archive only emails from US-based traders when they communicate outside the organization on Tuesdays, and store only on highly-available US-based storage."

CAS Storage Manager provides automated administration over all of your storage assets. Need to periodically add more storage? CAS Storage Manager simplifies the task. Set automated rules to move or maintain users on different storage assets based on geographic location or department. Tiered storage allows you to use secure, higher performance onsite storage for recent data or leverage the scalability, convenience, and economics of cloud storage for longer-term archiving. CAS Storage Manager provides unsurpassed flexibility, administration, and value.

Apply and enforce legal holds to secure and preserve data. Suspend deletion of content for e-discovery via targeted keywords/metadata or simply lock down the content for an entire custodian or department.

Enable defensible disposition of large quantities of data using automated, rule-based categorization and tagging. Evaluate the effectiveness and precision of advanced search strategies, providing additional defensibility and confidence in your deletion and purging activities.

Fulfill challenging EU privacy regulations and other record management needs with the enhanced capabilities and flexibility found only with CAS. Eliminate your risks associated with this new information governance challenge.

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Nearly 1 million new malware threats are released every day, and online intellectual property theft is "the greatest transfer of wealth in history," according to former NSA Director General Keith Alexander. The FBI asserts corporate espionage cases in the US rose 53% during 2015. No organization is too small to be targeted. With built-in defenses, including sophisticated encryption-at-rest and in transit, CAS is rigorously tested and hardened from external vectors and security threats. And organizations can fully integrate and layer on their own security technologies and protocols. Secure archiving with CAS—Secure by design.

Core Capabilities

While many of the leading archiving solutions are only available "in the cloud," affording you little control, CAS provides the flexibility of being installed on premise, where direct control over its security is possible. Organizations can fully integrate and layer on their own security technologies and protocols, a feature not available with third-party cloud systems. No other archiving solution provides this level of flexibility to fulfill any number of security requirements, including standards such as FIPS 140-2, COBIT, ISO/IEC 27001/27002:2013, ISO/IEC 27018:2014, CJIS, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, FERPA, FISMA, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 and SOC 2, and many others.

CAS uses 256-bit AES encryption at rest. CAS user authentication is via 256-bit SSL encryption. Data is protected using forced 2048-bit SSL and TLS encryption.

Socially engineered hacking, where corporate data is exposed via inattentive cloud vendor employees, accounts for one of the greatest threats organizations face. With CAS, you control how your archive is managed and which employees or vendors can access your system.

As an advanced security module, CAS learns normal and abnormal behaviors and workloads, building baseline trends to identify unusual activities and threats. By leveraging sophisticated machine learning, this automated analysis provides a strong defense against internal and external cyber attacks.

Managed data is secure data—CAS provides sophisticated oversight for data that otherwise would be unmanaged. As an important component in your organization’s data loss prevention (DLP) strategy, CAS delivers control and management capabilities over your data.

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